Hannah Gordon

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Welcome to the literary world of Hannah Gray Gordon!

Hannah Gray Gordon is a fantasy writer based out of Tulsa, OK

Books are available as e books and paperbacks through Amazon, Kindle, and Barnes & Noble

Debut Novel, Published March 2013

NaNoWriMo 2012 Winner!

Fantasy for Teens, Young Adults (YA), and New Adult (NA)

Suffering from post traumatic amnesia, Sabella Hall begins to remember her abusive father and discovers an amazing ability. She is sought out by the leader of The Vu, a clan of those with gifts such as hers. As she journeys through using her gift, finding new love, experiencing betrayal, and remembering her past, she faces off against a shocking adversary.

In 900 AD Ireland, Fiona's town is plundered by the Vikings and she is thrust into another world where everything is completely different and an overlord named Ravi is allowing his forces to run rampant across the land. She, and her new friends, must rally together to overcome this formidable force!